MILA MILAN™ : Who am I… and why should you care?

So you are interested in Mila? But which Mila interests you? Mila Milan™ is much more than the adult movie & cam star you might know. You have come to the right site to find out more about the ‘real’ Mila Milan™.

I love the fact that people adore my movies, my cam shows and my provocative pictures... The links are listed above. But I do a lot more than adult work. And over 80% is non-adult. The non-adult part is growing! I own several businesses which involve my real passions: Design (Graphic & Industrial), Art: digital and photographic (erotic) Art, Fashion: Lingerie Glamour Minimaliste™ and MilaMilan Minimaliste™ clothing. I also Tattoo for my own studios under the name MilaInk™.

Another new fast developing business part is my Investment holding company that offers larger and smaller shares in me, my ideas and my concepts.


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